The Seikomatic 6206-8990

The Seikomatic Weekdater 6206-8990 was a popular model launched in 1964. It was the first to use the 6206 movement that derived from the Seikosha 400 and Seiko 6218.I especially like that model, it’s perfectly balanced, the case is a mixture of classical and modern designs, with edgy lugs. The dial is wide and literally […]

Longines and Enicar

I wish you a happy new year and all the best for 2024 ! I’m pleased to propose new swiss watches. I usually focus on Seiko but the european production of the 60’s and 70’s was indeed interesting too. I have recently listed two “Hi-beat” Longines watches, an automatic Ultra-Chron 36,000 bph and a hand-wound […]

A festival of Weekdaters

The Seikomatic range is my preferred amid the Seiko production of the 60’s. These models are elegant, very reliable and still look quite modern. Introduced in the early 60’s, they had a quite long life and some models are a part of Seiko history. The Seikomatic Weekdater for example, displaying the date at 3 o’clock […]

A pair of vintage Seiko Diver’s quartz

First of all, let me wish you happy new year 2023 !In this short,news, I’d like to make the focus on two early quartz diver watches produced by Seiko.The first one, a 7548-7000 from 1980, is the quartz equivalent of the famous 6309 automatic “Turtle”. The second one, from 1991 is a enhanced version of […]

A trip to Switzerland

When it comes to watchmaking, we immediately think about Switzerland. Everyone knows at least one swiss brand, even when absolutely not interested in watches. Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe are among the most notorious and the most expensive but Omega, Zenith or Longines too are known by almost everyone. More and more, I try to […]

Black beauties

Watches with black dials are common today but it hasn’t always been the case. Until the late 60’s and despite the fact that almost all models were available in black, only a little fraction of them were produced. If we focus on Seiko, all models from that era (except maybe the Lord Marvel, the King […]

Seiko 5 Sports for sale

The 5 Sports range has been introduced in 1968, firstly with the 5126 and 6119 movements. In 1969/70, the 6106 and the freshly developed 7019 movements replaced the two previous calibres. 69 also was the year Seiko introduced their first automatic chronograph movement, the 6139. On the Japanese domestic market, it was integrated in the […]

Some new Seikomatics

The Seikomatic range is one of my favorite. They combine the classic Seiko design of the mid sixties with the reliability of their movements. Until the introduction of the automatic Grand Seiko 62GS in 1967 (which movement was an improvement of the 6206/6218 of the Seikomatic) and then the King 56KS and Grand 56KS in […]

A trio of Sportsmatic 5 Deluxe

Today, a focus on three very nice Sportsmatic 5 Deluxe, one from 1965, the other ones from 1966. These Deluxe are quite underrated according to me. They are assimilated to the Seiko 5 range and hence considered as cheap. But in the contrary, they are very well built with a stainless steel case, nice hour […]

Unusual Seiko Lord Matics

The Lord Matic range is one of the most versatile proposed by Seiko, except the Seiko 5 range of course. Based on the 52xx (LM Special) and the 56xx (LM) movements, their designs went from the very classical to the most excentric. I have at the moment for sale good examples of these 50-year old […]