A trio of Seiko 5 6119

In 1968, Seiko shook the market by introducing new, modern and fresh ranges. Beside the launching of the Lord Matic range, the Seiko 5 became funnier, with coloured dials, shaped cases. The calibres 61xx and 70xx became the new standards. We have here 3 Seiko 5 6119, an early JDM 8220 from 1968, a more […]

King Seiko and Seikomatic

I have some new interesting watches for sale, including two Kings from the 70’s. Seiko just relaunched the King range as you might know. I was quite “surprised” by the price of these new models, only equipped with the modest 6R31 calibre. Honestly, the vintage ones had more efficient movements and should be a cheaper […]

Three early seiko 5 sportsmatic deluxe

This post is dedicated to the early Seiko 5 Sportsmatic Deluxe production. Three of them are for sale at the moment, all from 1964. They have in common the 7606 movement and the specific early Sportsmatic logo on their dials. They all have a stainless steel case and this incredible modern design that really strikes […]

Free shipping in the European union

Hi everyone,The holidays are over and we will start the new season with offered shipping fees for all customers located in the European Union. The free shipping solution is “La Poste – Colissimo” and includes an ad valorem insurance. If you would like to be delivered by another company such as DHL,please take contact for […]

Latest models & SUMMER BREAK

Watch & Vintage will be closed from August, 2nd to August, 20th. That means that I won’t ship any watch during these 3 weeks. Still, you can place orders, your watch will be reserved and you can ask questions, I will gladly answer them. Amid the most recent models listed on the website, I’d like […]

Seiko recent models : Prospex, Presage & Astron

I mostly sell vintage watches but I always keep an eye on recent models, especially on Seiko ones. I recently had the opportunity to acquire a couple of new (or near new) watches, a very nice Prospex New Turtle and a JDM Presage model, the SARV001. Of course, the New Turtle is a very known […]

Electro what ? Electromechanical, of course !

In the late 50’s, the french company Lip and the US Elgin worked together to develope a new kind of watch movements. The concept was “simply” to replace the traditional mainspring by a new source of energy, a battery powered electromagnet which would make a magnetic balance oscillate. The mechanical part of the watch remained […]

swiss landeron chronographs

This time, we won’t talk about Seiko, but about swiss chronographs, especially Landeron ones. Landeron was from the 30’s to the 70’s one of the main swiss provider of chronograph movements. Their 48 and 51 calibres (and their evolutions) equipped many swiss chronographs, even those from notorious brands as Breitling, Baume et Mercier, Bovet, Zodiac, […]

non automatic seikos

When we talk about Seiko, we generally think about automatic watches because they really popularised these movements making them affordable and standard in the 60’s. Of course, they also produced purely mechanical hand wound watches through very nice ranges : one of the most known is the Marvel range, but the Crown, Cronos, Sportsman or […]

Blue Monday

It’s Monday, the snow is falling (here at least) and the weather forecast for the coming days is quite nightmarish for a good part of Europe. It seems that the blue sky has vanished for ever… That would be a good reason to have something blue on the wrist, wouldn’t it ? Seiko is quite […]