Seiko 5 Sports for sale

The 5 Sports range has been introduced in 1968, firstly with the 5126 and 6119 movements. In 1969/70, the 6106 and the freshly developed 7019 movements replaced the two previous calibres. 69 also was the year Seiko introduced their first automatic chronograph movement, the 6139. On the Japanese domestic market, it was integrated in the 5 Sports range, under the generic name “Speed-Timer”. Then, probably in 1970, additional chronograph calibres were launched and used for the “Speed-Timer” range : the 6138, 7015, 7016, 7017 and 7018.

Most of these watches had a similar design, with a big chunky case, often a black dial, sometimes an inner rotating bezel and more rarely a outer bezel.

I recently listed 3 Seiko 5 Sports. Discover them below :

Seiko 5 Sports 6119-6023, 1970

Black dial, inner rotating bezel. 38 mm all stainless steel case, new crystal, near new rubber band. What is very typical of this model is the red lollypop second hand.
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Seiko 5 Sports 7019-6030, 1970

The triangle second hand was very common at that time, it could be white, orange, red, yellow. This dial has its writings on the left hand side, it’s not the most common position.
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