The Seiko Advan range (ca 1970-1976)

These informations were gathered through my own experience, from watches I actually had in hands. They only reflect what I observed.
Text & Pictures : D. Broglin – Watch & Vintage

The Seiko Advan range has been introduced in the early 70’s as probably the most aspirational Seiko range. It’s like if everything was suddently permitted in matter of design. As a result, the Advan range proposed the most eccentric models ever made by the japanese manufacturer. Flashy dials, facetted crystals, asymetric cases, strange hands… Sometimes all together.
All models had automatic movements, with day and date.


As stated in the intoduction, the most striking element of the Advan range is the incredible design of most of the models. Remember that we were at that time at the apex of the space age. So, some models were more eccentric than other ones, but all had something special : it could be a gradient-coloured dial or a two-coloured dial, a strange-shaped case, a facetted crystal, etc. There were probably about 30 to 40 different designs.
All cases were made of stainless steel or more rarely gold plated, all had a metal bracelet and a glass crystal.
Seiko even designed a specific logo for the Advan, mixing a red sun symbol with the word Advan written with a futuristic font. We find the logo on every dial or on at least one model, printed on the inner face of the crystal.


The technical background of the Advan is the same one than the Seiko 5 of that era (regular Seiko 5 or Seiko 5 Actus). There were three different movements equipping the Advan, with the same features :
– the 6106C movement with 25 jewels
– the 7019 movement with 21 jewels
– more rarely, the 7039 movement with 21 jewels as well

Some examples

Seiko Advan 6106-7560, 1972
“Head-shaped” case
Seiko Advan 6106-7570, 1972
Seiko Advan 7019-7240, 1973
Purple dial, octagonal case
Seiko Advan 7039-7020, 1974
A more standard design
Seiko Advan 7019-8080, 1976
A late model

Seiko Advan for sale

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