Seiko 5 Sports

The Seiko 5 Sports is a vast range of watches with sporty designs : divers, racing, rallye and some more standard designs.
The range was introduced in 1968, first based on the day & date 5126 and 6119 movements. These watches were usually quite big and mostly had black dials but also coloured ones : orange, blue, yellow.
In 1969, the range has been widenend with the 6138 and 6139 chronograph movements.
The 5126 and 6119 calibres have been quite quickly abandoned to the profit of the 6106 and 7019 movements.
The range was discontinued in ca 1974 but has been relaunched in the 90’s, based on the 7s26/7s36 movements. The range still exists, now based on the 4Rxx calibres.

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