The Seiko Skyliner range (ca 1963-1973)

These informations were gathered through my own experience, from watches I actually had in hands. They only reflect what I observed. Last modified : December 20th, 2023
Text & Pictures : D. Broglin – Watch & Vintage

The Seiko Skyliner range has been introduced in the early 60’s as a middle range hand wound dress watches and probably replaced the Liner range. So, all models had hand wound movements, with or without date. The number of models was quite low.

The first generation

In 1963 and 1964 the cases were named according the Jxxxxx pattern and were made of stainless steel, were gold plated or more rarely gold filled. The movements available were the “time-only” Seikosha 402 and the Seikosha 956 with date. From 1964 on, with the new naming convention of the movements and cases, the references became 62xx-xxxx. The 2 calibres available, were the 6220 and the 6222 with date display (they are identical to the 402 & 956 calibres). They belong to the 62xx family, fitting the Seikomatic and the contemporary Grand Seiko in an automatic version.
Some Skyliner from that period can have mixed up references, a case with the Jxxxx naming and a dial with the 62xx-xxxx naming for example.
The logo Seiko Skyliner of this 1st generation has a modernist design, very noticeable.

The second generation

In 1968, Seiko developed a new movement family to replace the 62xx, the Seiko 61xx, which would equip a large number of models, from the hand wound Skyliner to the 61GS Grand Seiko and the 6138/6139 chronographs.
The cases of these 2nd generation Skyliner still were made of stainless steel or gold plated brass. Two movements were available, the time-only 6100 and the 6102 with date.. The dials could be white or black, the logo Seiko Skyliner is written in a cursive font.

Some examples

Seiko Skyliner, 1st generation, cal Seikosha 402, Seiko 6220 and 6222 (ca 1963-67)

Seiko Skyliner J15006E, 1963
Seiko Skyliner 6220-9970, 1965
My favourite Skyliner, 9960 dial
Seiko Skyliner 6222-8000, 1967

Seiko Skyliner, 2nd generation, cal Seiko 6100 & 6102 (1968-73)

Seiko Skyliner 6102-8000, 1973

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