A pair of vintage Seiko Diver’s quartz

First of all, let me wish you happy new year 2023 !
In this short,news, I’d like to make the focus on two early quartz diver watches produced by Seiko.
The first one, a 7548-7000 from 1980, is the quartz equivalent of the famous 6309 automatic “Turtle”. The second one, from 1991 is a enhanced version of the previous one, with a slightly better 7C43 quartz mouvement and a better water resistance (200 m).

The details below.


Seiko Diver’s 7548-7000, 1980

Big Seiko 7548-7000 Quartz Diver’s from 1980. Good overall condition, fully working.
Last service : January 2023.

1 year guarantee

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Seiko Diver’s 7C43-6010, 1991

Unusual Seiko Quartz Diver’s from 1991. Lovely condition, fully working.
Last service : January 2023

1 year guarantee.

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