Black beauties

Watches with black dials are common today but it hasn’t always been the case. Until the late 60’s and despite the fact that almost all models were available in black, only a little fraction of them were produced. If we focus on Seiko, all models from that era (except maybe the Lord Marvel, the King and the Grand) had black variations but they are quite rare.

I recently listed a Champion and a Seikomatic, both very attractive in black. Discover them below.


Seiko Champion Calendar 860 7622-8981, 1965

Beautiful black Seiko Champion Calendar 860, with an all stainless steel case. Very good overall condition. One of my favourite Champion.
Watch serviced in October, 2022..

1 year guarantee

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Seiko Seikomatic Weekdater 6218-8000, 1966

Rare black model with days (in English) at 3 o’clock. Good condition, new leather band. This so called “Baby Grand” looks very modern, it could be part of the Presage range.

1 year guarantee.

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And in addition to these beauties, here is an AdVan with a black dial too, but from a time where black dials became standard on many models.

Seiko Advan 6106-7560, 1972

Stunning model from 1972, asymmetric case, days in English and Kanji. Good to very good condition, new crystal, original stainless steel bracelet.

1 year guarantee.

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