Lord Matic, aka LM

The Lord Matic range was the mid range of Seiko in the early 70’s. Actually the first Lord Matic was introduced in 1968, the last one, in ca 1975. There were mostly two calibres available, the 5606 and the 5216, with similar characteristics. The second one is much rarer than the 5606. The styles of […]


That Enicar brand name always sounded weird to my ears… The idea of the founder, Mr Racine, was simply to spell his name backwards. And voilà, Enicar was born. Behind what sounds like a joke is in fact a serious watch manufacturer, proposing very intersting models with always, as far as I know, a manufacture […]

A couple of Seiko 5 Sportsmatic Deluxe

We just listed two early Seiko 5 Sportsmatic Deluxe, fitted with a 7606 movement. Both are in very good condition, the earliest (1964) has the automatic symbol on the dial, the latter (1965) hasn’t it.Both models are really beautiful and perfectly representative of what Seiko was capable of in the mid 60’s.

A Seiko Champion 860 Calendar [SOLD]

The Seiko Champion range offers a large variety of models but all have manual wound movements, with or without date. Some of them have become iconic, as for example the Champion Alpinist. Here we have a nice example of Champion 860 Calendar, with an all stainless steel case and a champagne dial. The 860 refers […]

The Seiko 5 Silverwave range [SOLD]

The Silverwave range first appeared in 1964 with the Seikomatic SilverWave. It had an rotating inner bezel. That model is today quite rare and sought after. What we offer today is a 2nd generation Silverwave from the 70’s and based on the “5 Actus” range. The two most distinctive elements on that watch are the […]

A black Seiko 5 Sportsmatic

Black dials are not so often seen on Seikos from the 60’s. We are happy to present this nice and big 5 Sportsmatic from 1966, in good overall condition. It’s 39 mm case and it’s modern look makes it very wearable, we hardly can believe that it is more than 50 years old.