Some new Seikomatics

The Seikomatic range is one of my favorite. They combine the classic Seiko design of the mid sixties with the reliability of their movements. Until the introduction of the automatic Grand Seiko 62GS in 1967 (which movement was an improvement of the 6206/6218 of the Seikomatic) and then the King 56KS and Grand 56KS in 1968, the Seikomatic was the top of the automatic line of the japanese maker.

There are at the moment several ones for sale on the website, I published in the last weeks three 6206. Discover them below :

Seiko Seikomatic Weekdater 6206-8090, 1966

This variation is not very commonly seen, the 8090 case has this very particular bezel, quite thick and textured. The crystal is probably original.
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Seiko Seikomatic Weekdater 6206-8040, 1966

What immediatley catches the eye is of course the Kanji day at 6 o’clock. Strangely, and despite the fact that I source these Seikos in Japan and that they weren’t much exported, the days in Kanji are quite rare. They probably only represent a few percents of the production.
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Seiko Seikomatic Weekdater 6206-8990, 1964

This Seikomatic Weekdater from 1964 is quite early in the production of the day & date Seikomatics. The dial has this old logo at 12 o’clock, which will be soon abandoned by Seiko. Notice by the way the absence of Seiko logo. The 8990 case is very popular.
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